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5 Things Nobody Tells College Athletes

Updated: Jan 10

This article was originally published by run by a former college athlete my husband and I happen to know :) View the full article here and support The Shoop.

Mr. Shoop describes 5 things no one tells college athletes:

1) You're not special.

2) Don't just hang out with athletes.

3) Hard work doesn't always equate to success.

4) Explore other interests.

5) Not being cool is cool.

I love all of these, and how they relate to my personal passion project with athletes, LONGEVITY.

Longevity in athletics and in life is what I am responsible for helping athletes to understand and implement. This takes a shift in mindset "You're not special; hard work doesn't always equate to success" as Mr. Shoop writes. I believe strongly in having a therapist and performance psychologist on your own personal health team in order to help you with the ups and downs of being a professional athlete, and just being human in this crazy world!

Action steps that I preach, along with nutritional changes, are broadening your social circles, learning from others, finding outlets for creativity, and remembering that at some point you will retire and that there is a life waiting for you off the court or field. This creates a well-rounded and positive experience and prepares you for the worst - injury, surgery, health complications, or being cut, or traded.

Finding who we really are is a huge part of our vocation in this life. Many athletes struggle to understand that they are more than an athlete. Speaking out, telling your truth, being open to explore and celebrate outside interests; these are all amazing ways to show yourself and others that you are more than just an athlete.

I highly recommend you read The Shoop's entire article here and start applying these steps into your own life.

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