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It is fully possible to perform extraordinary athletic achievements and win championships well into your 30's and 40's.

Ashley Besecker is a specially trained nutrigenomics dietitian and coined the term "functional performance nutrition" as a way to describe her approach to food and supplement plans she creates based on an athlete's own biochemistry and athletic goals. No two programs look the same, just as no two athletes are the same.


Meet The Dietitian


Ashley Besecker is a registered dietitian nutritionist, and one of the few nutrigenomics specialists practicing in the world of professional athletics. Ashley studied at Pepperdine, Vanderbilt, and Stanford, and lectures at universities and conferences around the country about personalized nutrition and the science behind it. In practice, she analyzes an athletes DNA and blood biomarkers, and uses their own biochemistry to build out personalized plans for nutrition, performance, and recovery. 

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"Working with Ashley has been life changing. It saved me more years, and I'll gain many more years. I learned so much about how my body works with the right nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle. I feel leaner, fitter, and much more energized."

Ada Hegerberg  |  Professional Footballer, Division 1 Féminine

Frequently Asked Questions

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