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There are gems of wisdom everywhere. For those collecting, please enjoy the resources below.

Having a personal performance nutritionist is the ideal scenario; but if that isn't an option for you at this moment, there is a lot of valuable information contained in the resources below for free, or very little cost. Remember to dig into the science, know that you are your own individual, and listen to your body - it's smarter than you know.

Service 1
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Available in both downloadable PDF format or audiobook from Audible.

Service 2


A look at the latest science of performance along with guests including professional athletes, scientists and businesses making waves in the world of athletic performance.

Service 3
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The loophole. Ashley launched a quiet NFT project back in November 2021 that allows anyone to purchase a raffle ticket to win her services for free. This is the only way you can work with Ashley if you are not a professional athlete.


Clients can access the Performance Nutrition Supplement Dispensary here. Not a client? It's ok! You can access the supplement catalog as well. Please be mindful and take supplements as prescribed by your dietitian or doctor. The brands in the dispensary are pharmaceutical grade such as Thorne, Pure Encapsulations, Davinci Labs, Orthomolecular Labs, and more.

Herbal Pills

The "suffer for success" mindset is being replaced with working smarter and investing in longevity.

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